Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution in February 2014 that included the following elements.

  • Adopting the recommendations of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC)
  • For the disposition of the Platt Road site and a community design process for a future vision plan for the County-owned site
  • To hold the property in part or in full, so that it can be used to advance community values and the public good through a deliberative, inclusive design process that establishes community goals, a vision, and plan for the site
  • To apply a number of principles to the site including: demonstration for green technologies and sustainable design, affordable and moderately priced housing, minimized parking spaces, alternative transit, varied types and forms of housing for people of different ages, an urban village, less impervious surface, lower auto footprint, integration with neighborhood, visionary design, draws people to the site, opportunities to grow businesses, and connections to County Farm Park
  • To use Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) planning funding to assist in hosting an intensive multi-day community design process to create a plan for the site
  • To engage in a community planning process including residents in the immediate vicinity, residents from throughout the County, and residents from diverse backgrounds
  • Directing the CAC to provide analysis and recommendations by September 31, 2014


  • September 2013 - BOC resolution creates CAC
  • February 2014 - BOC resolution accepts CAC's recommendations
  • June 10, 2014 - CAC reconvenes to assist in the planning and outreach for the community design process - (links to meeting notes and presentation)
  • August 2014 - Hold a multi-day community design process for Platt Rd
  • September 2014 - Present draft plans to public and take to CAC for approval
  • October 2014 - Present plans to BOC

CAC Background

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) was created by Board of Commissioners' resolution in September 2013 and met three times during November and December. The CAC discussed the characteristics of the site and surrounding neighborhoods, common principles, and the placement of affordable housing. The CAC identified a number of needs and potential uses for the site including onsite employment opportunities, affordable housing, opportunity for commercial, office, and residential uses, and incubator office/retail space. Ensuring fresh food access, community center with a commercial kitchen, and open space were also identified as important values to be integrated into the site design.


For more information or to be added to a Platt Rd email list, please contact Andrea Plevek, Interim Director of the Washtenaw County Office of Community and Economic Development, at or 734-544-6748.